1. on a ship


  2. "It’s like we weren’t made for this world. Although I wouldn’t want to meet someone who was."
    — of montreal
  3. elevator


  4. wish you guys understood swedish so i could post my poetry here.
    if you want to check it out anyways, here is a link.

  5. geometri, former&linjer

  8. textures


  9. currently listening to live in copenhagen by mount eerie and just;
    phil elvrum might be the most wonderful person ever <3


  10. the first time i listened to the glow pt. 2 by the microphones i felt like it was far too long. so i somehow figured that half of it must be deluxe edition songs or something like that, so i deleted them.
    and that is how i was kept from listening to the entire album for like a year

  12. cover of a mixtape I made

  13. A friend of mine performing a song he has written

  14. idk what i’d do without silver mt zion

  15. sunday shadows